Thursday, January 13, 2011


A thief came into my home and robbed me. I noticed several days ago I was running low on matching socks. I thought it was odd a thief would only be interested in stealing socks. Well, today I caught the thief in the act. As it turned out, not only did I recognize the four legged thief I also know her name - Honey. When caught eating something inappropriate Honey will stop chewing and pretend she has nothing in her mouth. She tried that with the sock today. I saw Honey sneak over to the bathtub (which conveniently doubles as our laundry hamper), put her paws up on the tub, reach in and grab a sock. Immediately I was on her to drop it. She stopped chewing and looked at me with those ‘I am too cute to be doing anything wrong’ eyes. I could not help but laugh as she looked as if she had a sock goatee. I was too busy laughing and correcting to grab the camera but knowing Honey there will certainly be more opportunities to capture the sock thief in action. Either that, or I will learn to keep my socks off the floor and out of the tub!


  1. We do the exact same thing with our tub!!! We almost always have clothes in it since we use the shower that is separate. Fortunately, Wayne cannot reach in our tub since it is so deep, but, he can get my husband's or daughter's socks that are randomly lying throughout the house. That is one of his favorite things to pick up...socks, mulch is the other. It must run in the family!

    Wayne's Mom

  2. Replace sock with tissue and tub with trash can next to my bed and you have Mako. But there is no cute goatie to laugh at. Now I am baiting her with a tissue (used since that is her favorite) and she is learning to leave it alone. I think it is driving her crazy. hehe