Thursday, January 6, 2011

Doggie Distractions

Tonight was a crazy night for both humans and dogs. Scotty is busy putting in our new cook top and there is a whole lot of noise from drills, vacuums and other tools. Luckily, the installation appears to be going well so there is no screaming or hair pulling. Honey is very interested in the hole in the floor and the cold air that is rushing in. More interesting is the air shooting out of the back of the vacuum cleaner. Honey was just sitting there with her nose pointing at the back of the vacuum cleaner trying to eat the air. If I weren't so busy laughing I would correct her. At least she is not biting people. After a few minutes of intense curiosity Honey has now settled into a nice nap half way between me at the kitchen table and Scotty at the stove. Hopefully Honey will one day watch the installation of a new DOUBLE oven and countertops (hint, hint). For today, I am thankful for a new stove, a handy husband and a puppy that is learning to survive in our crazy home.

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