Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rainy Day Dog

The snow has long since melted. Today brought a cloudy, drizzly, spitting rain kind of day. I was really not motivated to accomplish much but I had some errands to run (translation - more shirts to deliver) which took me and Honey out to one elementary school, one middle school and the dreaded trip to the market. I really believe today was the first day since Honey arrived that we had enough rain to create puddles. Honey, much like my children when younger, wanted to jump in each and every puddle.
Emily @ 1989
Thankfully none of my children tried to drink from a puddle as Honey attempted but her antics today brought back some fond memories of the kids playing in the summer rain, jumping in puddles and the magic of being young. Just another reason I am thankful to be a puppy raiser!