Monday, January 17, 2011

A Dog With Many Names

It occurred to me that sometimes I refer to Honey by different names. Some favorites from the past include:

  • You Know Who - as in you are 'You know who wants to go o-u-t' which goes hand in hand with
  • Oh No You Don't - as in 'Oh no you don't look at me with those puppy dog eyes'
  • Apolo - as in Apolo Ohno the skater
  • Artemis - Sister of the Greek God, Apollo. Protector of the Vulnerable and animals. I thought this a little more fitting than Apollo since she is a female.
  • Athena - Greek Goddess of wisdom and achievement. And who said taking Greek Mythology in college would be a waste?
  • Missy - as in 'Get over here, Missy' - it's a southern thing
  • Stop Thief - see previous blog
  • Crazy Dog - as in you are not going to believe what the 'Crazy Dog' did today
  • Devil Dog - as in the wonderfully delicious Drakes Devil Dog snack cakes
  • Wonder Dog - when she breaks free from the tie down or otherwise amuses us with her antics
  • Numerous versions of Sweetie, Love and Good Girl

Her newest nickname is... Pinocchio. Her snout seems to be growing longer by the day! Maybe her face is changing since she is getting her adult teeth? I read a fun science fact a long time ago which stated human ears and noses never stop growing. I hope that is not true for dogs lest Honey's nose enters a room 5 minutes before her body!

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