Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Away For the Weekend

I thought one of my co-bloggers would have fulfilled my blogging duties while I was away for the past few days... but NO! Scotty took Honey (and Billy) to this weeks puppy meeting at Centennial Sportsplex. Diva, Honey and Honeys brother, Moose, had a great time at the pool and ice rink! Moose is a lot more laid back than Honey and Scotty is now hopeful our next dog will be a male.

Monday, Honey came to meet me at the airport. Sounds better than it actually was . Our flight was a little early and by the time Scotty got Honey out of the car, Michael and I were already out of the airport. She was VERY happy to see me (as was I to see her).

Today was DI group with Billy and six other 4th graders at my home. Talk about a crazy dog. I still have to ask Michael to take care of Honey since Honey gets too excited with all the kids here. The DI group meeting routine is as follows: say hi to Honey, eat snack, work hard and have fun. We must vacuum after the kids leave or else Honey would spend all evening scavenging and she would be too full to eat dinner. Billy volunteered to vacuum as I took Honey out for a quick walk. As I went to sit down for dinner I noticed a white paper on the floor and asked Billy why he did not vacuum the entire carpet. He assured me he did and upon further inspection it was not a piece of paper but one of Honeys molars! I had to soften the poor dogs dinner tonight so she could eat. I think maybe I missed her a little too much!

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  1. I found two of Wayne's molars in one day stuck in the carpet. They are losing their teeth at the same time. Thankfully, they are getting considerably less sharp!

    Wayne's Mom