Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little Miss Muddy Mess

Yesterday's rain continued through today which led to a huge muddy mess in the backyard. Before we knew Honey would be coming to live with us for a while, Scotty and I decided the backyard would be our next project. We started by determining if we wanted a deck (Scotty) or a new patio (me). Since we could not come to a decision we decided to clear out the 'landscaping'. (Too) many weekends were spent cutting down bushes, tearing up grass, relocating the the fire pit - brick by brick -, pruning trees, heading to Home Depot and Lowes to look at plants and bricks, purchasing bricks. loading bricks and unloading bricks and building a beautiful little wall to contain the new plants we never got around to buying. While I like the final backyard design the actual backyard is no where near finalized. The grass we tore up has not been replaced and with all this rain our backyard is a muddy playground for an active puppy. Even just taking her out to busy means at least 1 ton of dirt in the house (maybe exaggerated but not by much!). We were told one important thing to do with Honey was to make sure she gets use to having her paws touched. We started as soon as she arrived wiping her paws with a towel each time she came in from the wet yard. Luckily, she does not mind. The rain and the mud create a vicious cycle. As Honey grows so does the size of towel needed at the back door. The more it rains the more towels we go through. The more towels we go through means more laundry to do. The more laundry I have to do means less time to play with Honey. All I can say is the sun better come out soon. I miss taking walks outside with Little Miss Muddy Mess and there are only so many times I can throw a toy.

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