Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just Your Average Joe

After attempting to make certain Honey's blog was completed each day as part of my 365 challenge (my original challenge was for me to blog each day but I was sick one day so I had Jenny substitute for me and considering how her blog was funnier and all around better I changed my challenge to just making sure someone wrote the blog), I have to admit it - I am Just Your Average Joe. I do not travel to exotic places. I do not fluently speak any foreign languages. I do not own a fleet of expensive cars, have a collection of rare wines or attend parties that require my husband to rent a Tuxedo or require me to wear a formal gown. I do not have my mother's wisdom or the patience of a saint. I am far from perfect. There is nothing really remarkable about me or my life. Honey, on the other hand, is quite remarkable! In just the past few days it seems Honey has matured from a crazy puppy to a less crazy puppy. She is now only trying to scavenge every other blade of grass in the yard, eat every other piece of mulch in the beds and pick up every other stray rock off the horrible Tennessee aggregate patios and sidewalks. She has yet to master 'No jump' or remain in a 'sit' for a greeting but she is listening better. She is distracted less. She understands our commands and follows them more frequently. I am thankful I am Just Your Average Joe, for if I were anything else, I may not have known the joy of being a Puppy Raiser for Southeastern Guide Dogs.


  1. Honey sounds an awful lots like Waffles. She is just so excited about everything. She even got sent out of obedience training because she just wouldn't focus. Maybe we just are expecting too much.

  2. For an average Joe, you (and Honey) are most inspiring :)