Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sneak Eat

It has been a pretty quiet week. Scotty took Honey to the big park the other day. It is almost a mile walk there. Honey did great on both the walk there and back. Scotty took some really great pictures of Honey in the park including Honey's newest trick - the sneak eat.
Amy with Honey and the Sweet Gum pod sneak eat

I say sneak eat because Honey’s newest trick is to grab something quickly and pretend she does not have it in her mouth. She will not chew until she has removed herself from our watchful eyes, or so she thinks. A minute or so later Honey will start chewing whatever she has taken. So far that has included – rubber bands, napkins, the stopper to the door stop, paper, tissues, socks and anything else she can find. Now I know it seems as though we live in quite the messy house, but I can explain. The rubber bands were on the floor because as I was trying to place a rubber band on a roll of vinyl I was using, the band snapped and I needed another one. I opened the box to get one and put it on the roll, and in that split second, Honey grabbed a mouthful of rubber bands. I called her to me and she opened her mouth and it looked like she was vomiting worms. The napkin she grabbed as it fell off my plate as I was cleaning dishes. She quickly grabbed it and casually walked to a remote part of the kitchen and then started to chew. Needless to say, she did not get away with that one either! The stopper cap she nabbed was at the door we use to take her out to busy. And the socks…. Well, before I got into bed I tossed my socks on the floor and Honey grabbed them both and ran to the bathroom to visit Scotty. Snagged again. I do admire her intelligence in trying to hide the fact she has something in her mouth by not chewing it right away. Now if I can just encourage her to utilize her intelligence not to eat inappropriate things or master ‘drop it’ we would all be better off, happier and probably heathier too!

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