Friday, January 14, 2011

Delivery Dog

Honey came with me to a local elementary school today to deliver a t-shirt I made. You know how people say dogs are 'chick magnets', and that may be true for some, but for me I am pretty certain dogs do not make great t-shirt delivery assistants.
It started with Honey getting out of the car and having to busy - in front of every school bus and car rider. All I could hear is 'ewww' and giggles from every kid within a mile of the school. A quick clean up and we were on our way into the school for delivery - or so I thought. Honey has a special ability. She either
A) Makes children say 'awwww, she's so cute. Can I pet your dog?' or
B) Makes children run away. Fast.
Can I just tell you how challenging it is to require Honey to sit, not bite, hold a bag of Honey poop, answer questions and try to keep a t-shirt clean? It is not just challenging - it is impossible!
After much Honey wrangling, we finally managed to deliver the shirt. I think next time I have Honey as my delivery assistant, I will chose a less child populated drop off.

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