Monday, January 3, 2011

Dr. Depressing

I took Honey to the back up vet today. Our vet, Williamson County Animal Hospital, does not offer the canine flu shot since the canine flu has not made it to Tennessee yet. My AC gave me the name of the vet she takes all her SEGD dogs to as her vet does offer the canine flu vaccine. Now I know why I do not go to that practice. The vet I had today was not the same one who gave Honey her first flu vaccine. Instead, today Honey had Dr. Depressing. He said that he did not believe Honey will make it to be a guide dog as she is ‘too unsettled and active’. I pleaded Honey’s case. Our conversation went something like this…
ME: She is just 4 months old!
DR. DEPRESSING: Nope, too hyper.
ME: She is new to this office and there are so many smells and distractions!
DR. DEPRESSING: She should be listening better.
ME: But you just gave her a shot and maybe she is just shaking it off.
DR. DEPRESSING: No, even more reason she will not make it. She should be much calmer after the shot.
ME: But there are dogs just walking around unleashed and Honey is not use to dogs. Until now she has not been able to get around other dogs since she was not up to date on her shots.
DR. DEPRESSING: Doesn’t matter. I hope she makes it but, from where I am standing, it does not look good.
ME: (In my head) YOU ARE CRAZY! I bet those diplomas hanging on the wall came from some internet “you too can be a vet in 7 days for only $3,500” school.
ME: (Aloud) Well, time will tell and hopefully time will prove you wrong.

As the exchange continued Honey settled down in a perfect sit, down and stayed until I gave her the ‘stand’ command. She then attempted to ‘find the door’ moved ahead at the ‘forward’ command and did a perfect ‘sit’ outside the door. I hope Honey was listening and is now up for the challenge to prove Dr. Depressing wrong.


  1. Oh my gosh, that's shocking he would do that. How terrible. So sorry and I'm sure Honey will be GREAT!!!!

  2. That is awful!!! I would call Southeastern about that and tell them what he said! How horrible to judge a 4 month-old puppy and say to your face that he/she is not going to be a guide dog. I bet Honey can prove him wrong!

    Wayne's mom

  3. I still remember the people who told Darrell and I that we would never make it as a couple.....23 happy years later, I would love to see them, and show them how very wrong they were. Some people just like to try to rain on our parades.

  4. You do well not to let his comments bug you. Our first puppy, Duchess, was ADD, hyper, and was matched to a wonderful lady in Mississippi who is so excited to have my active silly puppy who is giving her freedom she never had before. Mako reminds me a lot of Duchess. Mako is active, inquisitive, and has that touch of ADD. We work hard to focus her energy and she does quite well...until we get to a dog meeting where she resembles a leaping deer on a leash. Just now while playing she ran into the plant holder which tipped and knocked over the fireplace tools. I caught the plants before they hit the floor and while I was righting everything she was eating the dirt that fell out, such is life with a puppy. Now she is sleeping like an angel at my feet. Keep up the good work you are doing. Honey is doing fine.

  5. I can't wait to hear his reaction when you tell him she made it! The power of positive thinking will get her a long way! I'm glad he's not raising a guide dog! He can get smarts from a book, but still not know what he's talking about in so many ways! How rude! Keep up the great work with Honey! When I taught kindergarten, kids came in knowing NOTHING and were reading by Christmas! Once they turn the corner and start putting the pieces together, they catch on quickly! Honey obviously came from good stock! Only the best of the best become breeders so they can pass it down to the pups!

  6. One of my friends is a K9 cop. He loves to tell me that he has been "in the business for 23 years" and he knows what it takes to succeed. I tell him that I have been raising guide dog puppies for a LOT longer than he has and I don't tell him which dogs will not make it as drug dogs. He shuts up then.