Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Doggie Dreams

I am not sure what Honey dreams of at night. I like to believe that she is dreaming of her future partner and how well they are doing together. I know sometimes I dream that dream too! We have heard Honey bark once or twice, growl once or twice and whimper several times (mostly when she is around her brother, Moose). Other than those few occasions, Honey is not a vocal dog while awake...BUT while asleep last night, Honey was very vocal. I heard her whimper, then stop, then whimper again. She made herself more comfortable in her crate and then when back to being silent. She waited until we were asleep for the big dream - the barking dream. At first it was a little bark, enough to make me stir but not quite loud enough to fully awaken me. Then another little bark, followed by several more. Then came the big one. That bark I think shook the entire house and woke half the neighborhood. The curious thing was that Honey remained asleep. A minute or two later, she rolled onto her back and was quiet the rest of the night. It makes me wonder what dogs dream about…

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