Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Well today was one of those days. I volunteered to help at Billy's elementary school today for the Jingle Bell walk. I debated for what seemed like an eternity on whether to bring Honey or not. My thought process went something like this...
  • The Jingle Bell walk would be a great exposure for Honey. There is going to be over 800 kids there running and walking around the school.
  • Wow, there is going to be over 800 kids running and walking around the school. That may be too overwhelming for such a young pup.
  • This is a great exposure because it is being held outside and I really do not have to worry about 'busy' spots.
  • Wow, this is being held outside in the freezing cold. Do I really want to take my gloves off to pick up a busy while grossing out 800 kids who for some reason cannot recall ever pooping in a diaper?
  • I am assigned to hand out rubber jingle bell bracelets as well as hot chocolate. I can do this and keep Honey in a sit or better yet, a sit, down, stay.
  • Wow, how am I going to hand out jingle bell bracelets and hot chocolate without Honey, the 'wonder dog who eats everything', causing me to drop or spill something?
  • This is a great learning opportunity for Honey to practice not jumping up on EVERY person who might glance in her direction.
  • Wow, it is cold and muddy out there. What if Honey tries to jump on EVERY person who glances in her direction?
  • There will be plenty of distractions - kids running and playing, music being broadcast over a loud speaker, people in costumes and parents cheering on kids.
  • Wow, there will be plenty of distractions. What if Honey cannot handle this? What if I cannot handle Honey?
  • We agreed to raise Honey to the best of our abilities and to expose her to different sights, sounds and adventures. How could I not take Honey with me?
  • Wow, there are going to be so many different sights, sounds and maybe too much adventure (for me!).

Then I stared thinking....maybe it is time I test how well Honey handles being crated during the day. And for this one time, I can just be Billy’s mom and not the mom that has the 'blind dog'. It is only for an hour. Yes, Honey will be fine at home, I will enjoy seeing Billy and his schoolmates running around without repeatedly saying 'sit' and Honey will be coming with us to Billy’s dental appointment this afternoon and a basketball game in the evening. I even got so desperate that I convinced myself that Honey will enjoy the Chorus concert next week so much more if she is not at the school today. I did mention that I was desperate, didn't I?

Ultimately, I decided not to bring Honey with me. And guess what? After being at the Jingle Bell walk for 2 minutes, I got that horrible COULDA, SHOULDA and WOULDA feeling.

There were lots of kids running, playing and laughing, there was music blasting, the weather was cold (but not windy so it was not too bad), there were jingle bells jingling, hot chocolate pouring and sipping BUT there were so many parent volunteers that I actually took a break and walked a lap with Billy. Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda. Well there is always next years Jingle Bell walk!

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