Thursday, December 30, 2010

That Sick Feeling

Did you ever lose something important, say like your pocketbook or wallet? If so, do you remember that sick, sinking, let-me-off-this-rollercoaster feeling? Well, I felt that today. Honey and I had our typical morning routine followed by a quick trip to Walmart. While there, Scotty called and informed me his office was going to get out early today and he thought it would be a good time to bring Honey to work with him. Scotty ran home, grabbed Honey’s food so she could eat lunch at the office and we headed from Walmart to Scotty’s work. The entire afternoon I kept thinking “Oh no, where is Honey” only to remember Scotty had her with him. For the split second between my thought of Honey and the realization she was with Scotty I felt that sick feeling. And it kept happening all afternoon. I can only imagine how sick my stomach will feel when neither Scotty nor I have Honey. Hopefully the joy in my heart will overcome the sickness in my stomach

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